Making Comprehensive ECMO Training Easier

ECMO Advantage is making comprehensive ECMO training easier! Many of our clients say they simply can’t commit five consecutive days to attend a comprehensive ECMO training course. We have heard you!  Learners can now take two 3-Day sessions weeks or even months apart.  Our traditional 5-Day ECMO Specialist Training Course has been converted into two 3-Day sessions called Mastering ECMO Fundamentals and Application of ECMO Fundamentals.  This new structure benefits the learner by allowing more time to deepen understanding of the content, making it easier to apply in the clinical setting. Plus, there is an additional day of simulation that will further strengthen critical thinking skills and technical expertise. ECMO Advantage continues to offer the traditional 5-day ECMO Specialist training course at your institution or at EC², our independent ECMO simulation center.

Mastering ECMO Fundamentals is a 3-Day session designed to provide comprehensive core curriculum focused on the fundamental principles of extracorporeal life support. This session will introduce the learner to key ECMO principles as described in the ELSO guidelines. Upon completion of this session the learner will have a deeper understanding of physiology and pathophysiology of extracorporeal life support and its clinical application.

Application of ECMO Fundamentals is a 3-Day session designed to employ the technical aspects required to manage an extracorporeal life support system. This is accomplished through the use of various scenario-based simulations in which the learner will perform emergent and non-emergent procedural skills and utilize their knowledge and critical thinking skills to address clinical alterations in care of the patient on extracorporeal support.

ECMO Advantage also offers training and simulation sessions customized to your specific needs. Contact Us to learn more about our customized services.

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