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Liquid Fluorocarbon Lavage

A recent report from the group in Pittsburg, PA highlights the use of a liquid fluorocarbon lavage known as PFD (OriGen Biomedical, Inc, Austin, TX, USA) on compassionate use basis. We recently shared another report using the same product from the group in Seattle, WA back in February 2015. This looks like a promising tool […]

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ECMO Outcomes

Are ECMO outcomes dependent on the number of ECMO patients supported at your institution?  Does it really matter how many ECMO patients your program supports?  Do patients suffer by being on ECMO at smaller ECMO programs? There have been a couple of publications recently suggesting that it does matter. The most recent abstract I came […]

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New Extracorporeal Technologies

There are a lot of projects ongoing in the world of extracorporeal support with new extracorporeal technologies being worked on all the time.  In this post I want to highlight one that is not a life support system, but it could prove to be very beneficial especially to patients who are on extracorporeal life support systems […]

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Vital Updates: The ECLS Conference

  I’m in Keystone Colorado – attending the 31st Annual CHNS Symposium on “ECMO and the Advanced Therapies for Respiratory Failure Conference”. While the conference has many competing distractions (skiing anyone?) the chance to hear the latest information that leading ECLS Centers and experts are presenting here is too vital to miss. Very often I […]

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The Cost of ECMO…Is It Worth It?

Over the years as I have consulted for ECMO programs and talked with Administrators, Physicians, etc. as well as ECMO Specialists, a common question has been: “What does it cost to run an ECMO program?”.  Or, “What does it cost to provide ECMO support?”  What is the cost of ECMO support?  And although it’s often unstated, the underlying […]

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Adult ECMO In Oklahoma Successful

Another Adult ECMO success story! Metro mom receives new lifesaving heart treatment from Integris Adult ECMO use is on the rise.  And it is showing signifiant benefit.

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Perforation During ECMO Cannulation

Perforation During ECMO Cannulation is a known risk that must be mitigated. A Recent publication in the Journal of Cardiac Surgery from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia describes the importance of using echocardiography in placement of the Avalon Elite Bicaval Dual Lumen Cannula in neonates for VV ECMO. The authors share some very important points […]

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Staying Current in the World of ExtraCorporeal Support

Part of my job as owner of ECMO Advantage, and part of my passion as an ECMOlogist, is staying current with the ever changing and expanding world of extracorporeal support.  In that attempt, I spend a lot of time scouring the internet for the latest information regarding ECMO, ECLS, training, modalities, research, products, practices, services…you name it. […]

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ECLS Team Selection

It’s the season for college in my house – admission packets, orientation, decisions about what to study…it’s all vaguely familiar. I think every ECLS program goes through a similar process when deciding about their education process. Who will take care of the ECMO patient? Who will take care of the ECMO pump and circuit? How […]

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