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ECMO tech vs ECMO Specialist…Does it really matter?

ECMO tech vs ECMO SPECIALIST…Does it really matter? Let me answer that before you read on.  YES!!  It matters greatly! ECMO Advantage has the opportunity to work with many institutions across the United States. We are also able to communicate and associate with other providers of extracorporeal support. One striking thing that I have noticed over […]

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Liquid Ventilation

Does anyone remember the movie the Abyss (1989)?  Thoughts of liquid ventilation went way back before that in fictional writings as well as other movies.  But more recently it was actually used to save a life in Seattle!  Read more here…

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Welcome to the ECMO Advantage blog “ECMOlogy…a discussion of all things related to ECMO”   You may see posts by members of the ECMO Advantage team as well as invited guest ECMOlogists from the ExtraCorporeal Community. We will be providing regular posts providing insight into common, and not so common, issues related to ECMO or ECLS.  The […]

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What is ECMO?

How many times have you been asked this question? Just how do you define it? How do you even explain it?? Especially to a friend, your mother, your hairdresser?

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