What to Expect at EC2

It is our honor to host you at EC2, our new ExtraCorporeal Education Center in Murfreesboro, TN!! The initial feedback from our learners has been overwhelming.

Our goal at EC2 is to provide our learners with the best learning experience possible. We have designed the facility as well as our processes to accomplish just that. Feedback provided by our learners gives us continuing opportunity to adapt and adjust. Learners from our first training session in February 2018 let us know it would be helpful to have some idea what to expect during the training week, so we created this page to give you some insight as to what to expect.

Please dress CASUAL PROFESSIONAL. We want you to be comfortable but we also want to maintain a casual professional environment. Remember you will be working in and around the ECMO System and circuit in a simulated ICU environment. SCRUBS are strongly encouraged as you will be participating in high fidelity simulations that may involve spurting non-biological, stain resistant “blood”. We would also suggest you dress in layers. Feel free to let us know throughout the day if you are cold or hot. We can adjust the temp to accommodate the majority as the day progresses.

Seating is designed to be flexible in the Learning Center where the lectures are provided. There are comfortable chairs, traditional tables, and an adjustable height table available in the Learning Center to accommodate different learning styles. Refreshments are available in the back of the Learning Center. PLEASE feel comfortable moving around during and between lectures. We have to cover some material that we know is a little tough to sit through. Based on our feedback from previous learners we are continually adapting our learning model to make the process as effective and engaging as possible.

Food will be plentiful! Please let us know in advance if you have food allergies or if you have special dietary needs. If you let us know in advance, Sarah (the kind smiling face behind the big glass window) might even have your favorite soda or snack available. Sarah does a great job arranging for all the food and refreshments throughout the week. Please let her know if you find anything within the building lacking. The front lobby will contain a coffee/tea station as well as the daily lunch offerings. In addition to the food and refreshments in the front lobby, as mentioned before, there will also be drinks and snacks in the back of the Training Center for your convenience.

Your ECMO Simulation experience is supported with state of the art simulation equipment but the special touch comes from the ECMO Advantage Specialist team working their magic. The goal in simulation is to make the learning experience as real as possible. You will be given some general orientation to the simulated environment and what to treat as “real” and what you have to imagine as a “simism”. ECMO Advantage has Rotoflow and CARDIOHELP ECMO Systems on site all the time. We should have the Centrimag available most of the time as well. If you require a different ECMO System, please inquire through Registration@ECMOAdvantage.com prior to registering.

Most of the simulations you participate in will be video recorded so that at least parts of it can be played back during debriefing. This of course means that you will have to complete a consent to allow us to photograph and video record you during your time here at EC2. As you can see from this web page, your likeness may also be used for promotional purposes. We are careful to pick images that are complimentary to those in the picture.

EC2 is a safe place to learn, ask questions, and make mistakes! That’s all part of the learning process. Everything that happens here is designed to make us better prepared to provide the highest level of care for our patients which is our ultimate goal.

We are excited that you are considering or have chosen to join us in a most amazing learning experience at EC2. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further questions or clarifications.

See you soon!