My expectations were exceeded with the ease of learning and discussion with the instructors

8/23/2019 12:58 PM

This was such a comfortable learning environment

8/23/2019 12:58 PM

A lot of information was presented, but it was taught in a manner that didn't make me feel intimidated or scared to ask questions. Every presenter was very knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive. I highly recommend this conference!!

9/24/2019 5:35 PM

Everything exceeded my expectations of this course. The speakers and teachers of the sessions were great and made me feel very comfortable.

9/21/2019 10:44 AM

The whole week was a wonderful experience

9/23/2019 5:13 PM

All the staff members were well educated. Sara always greeted us with a smile every morning.

9/23/2019 5:50 PM

I loved the hands on demonstrations and simulation time

9/20/2019 10:31 AM

Love love love this training.

5/28/2019 7:17 PM

Training exceeded my expectation, thank you for all the great information. Staff is extremely knowledgeable willing to share information.

5/18/2019 3:20 PM

I would definitely recommend this program

6/13/2019 2:36 PM

What did you like the most?

Hands on, clinical case correlation and debriefings

6/13/2019 2:36 PM

What Did You Like MOST?

Hands on- Tactile learner!

6/14/2019 9:20 AM

Great instructors, very knowledgeable, well structured course, well appointed training center. Lots of time for questions and simulations

6/13/2019 2:36 PM

really appreciate Maggie's help. I'd be happy to have her work with us again 4/23/2018 3:12 PM

Rich was amazing with our new specialist orienting and teaching them about ECMO. 11/17/2018 1:53 AM

EA specialist always give fantastic report and are very organized 11/13/2018 12:01 PM

Rich is a great asset to our team and an extremely knowledgeable ECMO Specialists. He is professional and we always trust his judgment and recommendations. Rich is always willing to teach those that are interested and ALWAYS pleasant to work with. 11/7/2018 7:09 PM

EA specialist are always a pleasure to work with and exchange report. They are incredibly helpful and share their knowledge with newer specialist with superb professionalism. Our families always feel comfortable and give great feedback on the EA specialist. 11/13/2018 12:00 PM

Rich is very knowledgeable and quick to respond to issues that arise as well as make suggestions to help improve. Definitely enjoyed having him around. 11/17/2018 1:46 AM

Everyone Loves Tony. He knows his stuff and willing to educated. Anytime he's available to come to our center send him my way. 5/18/2018 8:17 AM

Everyone on our staff LOVE Elizabeth! feel free to send her here anytime! 5/18/2018 8:15 AM

We value the opinion of the ECMO Advantage Specialist and respect her judgment. 5/24/2018 4:14 PM

ECMO Advantage Specialist was always willing to go above and beyond. Communicates respectfully and always has the patients best interest in mind. 5/24/2018 4:17 PM

ECMO Advantage Specialist was very personable and easy to work with; always available for teaching. 5/23/2018 11:28 AM

Elizabeth is always great to work with! She loves to teach and learn. Her performance and knowledge are top notch! She's a skilled ECMO specialist. 5/24/2018 4:13 PM

Elizabeth is very knowledgeable and always willing to teach our staff! She is very kind and easy to work with !5/18/2018 8:18 AM

Tony knows his stuff and is very easy to work with. 5/24/2018 4:16 PM

I really enjoyed the course. It went above any expectations I had. The instructors were fantastic!
Feb 11-15,2019 EC2 Course

The training seemed very comprehensive for fundamentals, in how to handle clinical critical events, as well as handling routine issues and weaning.
Feb 11-15,2019 EC2 Course

What did you like the MOST about the training sessions?
The sims and the actual benefit of sim scenarios with the context of the experience/expertise of the instructors.
Feb 11-15,2019 EC2 Course

The sim experience was very realistic and authentic in both equipment we were working with and with the physiology changes that would really occur with the different scenarios.
Feb 11-15,2019 EC2 Course

This is one of the best simulation I have experienced.
Feb 11-15,2019 EC2 Course

The lectures and various simulations were great! This comprehensive course brought about a fundamental paradigm shift and gave me deeper understanding of ECMO and the crucial lifesaving knowledge and skills set an ECMO Specialist must have. The next important step when I get back to my institution is gather support from leadership to help bring about this change that I firmly believe would: #1 Improve our current ECMO program, #2 Help elevate the knowledge and skills set of those who are currently managing and are already caring for our ECMO patients, and most importantly, #3 Assist greatly in our continued efforts to promote patient safety when caring for patients on ECMO support.
Feb 11-15,2019 EC2 Course

When asked, "What did you like most?" Simulations and the collective participation of our group. I appreciated the variety of ECMO equipment that was made available to the participants. I know now that my hospital ECMO program has a future because EC2 training provided me with skills, resources ie ELSO, your staff, to objectively evaluate their progress and help me to become a team player.
Feb 11-15,2019 EC2 Course

The hands on and group discussion for questions/demonstration was what I liked the most
1/18/2019 8:15 AM

the instructors were very flexible with their time and willing to work in whatever we wanted to!
1/18/2019 8:11 AM

Thank you it was awesome!
1/18/2019 8:11 AM

Very comfortable. Great facility
1/18/2019 8:15 AM

The interactiveness and hands on portion. It’s the perfect combination of lecture and hands on to ensure we are understanding the concepts.
1/18/2019 8:10 AM

Shanna and Myron were extremely knowledgeable and patient with our class. They took their time to answer questions and it is clear that they have a lot of experience and are passionate about the subject. You have a great staff that are very talented.
10/19/2018 8:15 AM

We just had this class at our hospital, and coming to the training center was great to reinforce what I learned and be able to have more complex thought processes with ECMO physiology and management.
10/19/2018 8:10 AM

Hands on sessions are invaluable. Well equipped facility.
10/19/2018 8:14 AM

Shanna, Sarah Beth and Myron were all very helpful and reactive to requests for specific scenarios and made everyone comfortable with the learning process.
10/19/2018 8:15 AM

SIM allows for mistakes and moment by moment decisions that everyone learns from
10/19/2018 8:15 AM

I enjoyed the balance between didactic and hands on skills. I don’t think one side was over the top and both are needed to provide a good learning opportunity
10/19/2018 8:15 AM

You have a great set-up and team.
10/19/2018 8:18 AM

The staff at ECMO Advantage couldn't have been more helpful. They would stay later with you if you needed more explanation. Great staff, fun & knowledgeable!
10/19/2018 8:17 AM

Your secretary is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met
9/21/2018 8:21 AM

I thought the environment was really great. The Sim Lab and lecture area was very nice.
9/21/2018 9:18 AM

Hands on exposure. The complex scenarios were helpful. Thinking out loud, collaborating with others, disaster aversion, it was all be useful information to take home.
9/21/2018 8:16 AM

Real life stories of actual patient events from the instructors aided in cementing discussed lecture concepts.
9/21/2018 8:18 AM

Extremely organized, clean learning environment, very open to creating simulations based on the needs/desires of the participants - and THE SNACKS (lunches were always great too!)
10/10/2018 12:05 PM

I think that it was extremely helpful to the ECMO Specialist nurses. From a programmatic standpoint it was nice to see a different didactic layout that we are currently using. The whole experience was educational and positive.
10/10/2018 12:05 PM

I like the SIM lab set up and felt it provided me with the skills I’ll need to run an ECMO pump.
9/20/2018 9:31 PM

I loved that there was so much sim
9/21/2018 8:21 AM

More thorough ecmo circuit checks. Involving more in depth analysis of the global patient as opposed to just “the pump.”
9/21/2018 8:18 AM

I took this course as an "evaluator" to be able to reinforce the information conveyed to our ECMO Specialist nurses. The content delivered was very organized and well presented, overall.
10/10/2018 12:05 PM

As a perfusionist, we are taught ECMO in our schooling; however, the educational content within the course was superior to that I received in my program. Things are constantly changing within the ECMO world and having a refresher course was very nice.
10/10/2018 12:05 PM

The training consisted of good combination of theoretical and practical knowledge which makes it valuable for prospective ECMO specialists of different backgrounds: RN, RT, PA etc.
8/10/2018 8:40 AM

Training sessions help to develop skills to be competent and independent in clinical practice. I liked analysis/feedback after each session which helped to understand better all clinical scenarios and learn from mistakes.
8/10/2018 8:40 AM

"The course was perfectly designed for experienced ECMO specialists as well as for beginners. It gives good understanding of general ECMO concepts as well as specific details regarding VA vs VV ECMO, coagulation, troubleshooting etc. which were fully reflected by highly competent speakers..."
8/10/2018 8:40 AM

I came with training. Even so you all clarified my understanding and helped me to become better.

Bravo to Myron!! wonderful job with the Sims! Especially with finding what we needed practice with, and making us do it! You did especially well in making us walk an ECMO. Great job! Thank you.

this facility is fantastic.
5/11/2018 8:16 AM

When asked What did you like the MOST?...

knowledge of instructors, creativity, feedback from scenarios, open , nonjudgemental attitudes of instructors, unending patience of instructors
5/11/2018 8:16 AM

Hands on training quickly followed the lectures to reenforce concepts
5/11/2018 8:17 AM

The practical simulations have been excellent in helping us learn how to deal with issues during ECMO. I like the variety and immersion of the sims.
5/11/2018 8:23 AM

I feel Sherry, Shanna, and Myron were very creative in scenarios and helped create scenarios specific to our unique transport situations
5/11/2018 8:16 AM

Excellent SIM practice
5/11/2018 8:18 AM

Q: Were the ECMO Advantage Specialists knowledgeable about the topics presented?

They were all great! Very knowledgeable, friendly, professional
3/13/2018 10:45 AM

It was a lot of material and I would definitely like more education but the mixture of didactic and sims was great.
3/12/2018 7:16 AM

Loved that we could get up and move around if needed and that it was informal and comfortable to ask questions.
2/23/2018 4:26 PM

Day three was fantastic! It was a perfect blend of lecture and hands on. I think there’s a huge benefit to lectures in the morning followed by SIM in the afternoon. It helps break up the day. It’s great to get moving around and applying the learned theory.
3/9/2018 7:41 AM

What did you like the most?...
the team assignments and collective debriefing
3/7/2018 6:59 PM

I love all the hands on training with the SIM! It’s an amazing setup and it puts all of the learned theory into clearer perspective.
3/9/2018 7:41 AM

The lectures were in depth...but presented in a manner that was easily understandable and able to put into practice.
3/5/2018 9:36 PM

I have had no experience with ECMO in the past. I feel like I have learned a great deal after day 1 and feel by the end of my week that I will be eager to put my newly learned theory and practicum to work.
3/5/2018 11:30 PM

I really enjoyed the ability to interact with the machine and its components.
3/5/2018 9:36 PM

The hands on helped reinforce theory taught.
3/5/2018 11:30 PM

It was an honor to be one of the first students at your new facility. I had no idea what to expect going into this training, but the experience I gained was way better than I could've ever imagined. I learned so much in one week and gained valuable hands on experience. Thank you to each and every one of you for the time and effort you put into making it one of the best training experiences!
2/25/2018 9:02 PM

Thank you to all the instructors and staff at ECMO Advantage! You are all an amazing group of people!! Truly the best of the best! I appreciate everything you've taught me this week!


Real life scenarios. Gave everybody the opportunity to have multiple hands on experiences and go over the multiple times what we didn't quite get the first or second time around. Loved that it was videoed so we could actually see what we did and didn't do.
2/23/2018 4:26 PM

Instructors were engaging, easy to ask questions and very well versed in all things ECMO
2/20/2018 2:00 PM

I liked the hands on simulations. You can sit in a classroom all day and listen to information and stories, but until you're able to perform the skills yourself it is tough for the information to actually stick.
2/25/2018 9:02 PM

The calm and nurturing attitude of the instructors who helped me think through what I already know so that I can successfully apply that knowledge to ECMO.
2/15/2018 7:53 AM

Everyone is so approachable and the group is small enough that the discussions were great
2/15/2018 9:18 AM

The live scenario session were so good!! Was able to practice skills in a safe environment
2/15/2018 1:07 PM

That the instructors are interactive and are very genuine about wanting to help us learn.
2/14/2018 8:04 AM

VERY impressed with this training. Have not been disappointed. Beautiful facility.
2/14/2018 1:00 PM

Hands on, and breaking up session so not sitting all the time.
2/15/2018 8:43 AM

Casual friendly excellent learning environment!!!
2/13/2018 8:04 AM

Highly recommend your program! Don’t change a thing!
2/13/2018 8:04 AM

Overall a great day. Had no idea what to expect, but was thoroughly impressed.
2/14/2018 12:54 PM

"great speakers and very helpful especially during the simulation lab and scenarios."

The three speakers were amazing!

very informative and great learning moments

I love the sim lab, we get to participate and be a team. Working hand-in-hand, troubleshooting.

The hands on portion was the best. It was helpful to have lectures the first few days, but then we all were able to apply the information to hands-on training.

the training team was very experience and knowledgeable, they related experiences that were very helpful

Love the hands on simulation

Interactive, simulation sesssions

Sim labs were very helpful

Very interactive, very informative, use of good examples, true stories, started with reviews every morning

They are knowlegeable. They know their materials. The sim lab helped me understand more of whats going on with the scenarios.

Great speakers and very informative. Everybody is learning.

The speakers were all wonderful. They kept me awake, think critically and helped me understand more of ECMO.

The facilitators were very knowledgeable and approachable.

What I liked the most..."detailed class room content and the hands on training."