ECMO Services Team Structure

ECMO services team structure at hospitals across the United States can be complex.  Many institutions starting new programs, growing programs, or needing to adjust their program operations are constantly seeking the best way to structure their ECMO teams to provide the safest, most efficient care to their patients.

ECMO Advantage established a survey in 2014 to evaluate different aspects of ECMO Services Team Structure.  We would like to present the same survey again in 2016 to evaluate how ECMO team structure may be changing with the advances in technology and the rapid expansion of ECMO programs across the United States.

If you would be willing to participate in the survey please complete the survey below.  If you would like to receive the summary results, please complete the last question of the survey with your contact information.  All individual survey results will be kept confidential so that no one will be able to trace an individual result back to an individual person or institution.

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