ECMO Advantage Specialist Staffing Solutions

We offer several options for experienced ECMO Specialist staffing support. ECMO Advantage Staffing Services are multi-tiered and scalable depending on an institution’s needs.

Our Specialists are among the top professionals in the Extracorporeal Community and bring with them vast critical care experience in addition to pediatric and adult extracorporeal life support expertise.

ECMO Advantage also offers a unique option for supporting your newly trained team by providing our expert Specialists for precepting during the first few ECMO patients.

Staffing Options Include:

24/7 ECMO Advantage Specialist Support

ECMO Advantage can provide full 24/7 ECMO Specialist support, allowing your patients the benefit of highly experienced ECMO Specialist care from day one. ECMO Advantage can provide full “turn-key” level of support for your program or we can scale to your institutions specific needs. This level of support requires a retainer that allows ECMO Advantage to guarantee we have staff ready to respond to your ECMO staffing needs.

ECMO Advantage Specialist Precepting

We also provide the best precepting support for your newly trained ECMO Specialists. Once your team has been trained, it will be important for them to gain hands-on experience supporting patients on ECMO.

Our Specialists will sit at the bedside and provide invaluable knowledge, scenarios, expertise, and guidance during the initial orientation period, assuring the highest level of care from the first patient forward.

PRN ECMO Advantage Specialist Support

ECMO Advantage offers our experienced ECMO Advantage Specialists to be utilized on an “as needed/as available” basis for those times when your program may just need a little extra help either because of vacations, sick time, or unusually heavy ECMO patient census.

ECMO Coordinator Support

We understand completely how difficult it is to find experienced ECMO Specialists to serve as ECMO Coordinators for new programs. New ECMO Programs may find the need to have an experienced ECMO Specialist to provide detailed assistance with setting up their ECMO program.

Our Specialists can mentor and assist your institution’s appointed ECMO Coordinator through your program development processes. This can be done onsite and/or via virtual meetings and electronic communications, depending on your institution’s needs and budget. We can tailor a solution that works.

Retainer Option

With our ‘Guaranteed Support’ level of ECMO support, we offer either one or two ECMO Advantage Specialists, on call to respond to our clients, guaranteed within 24-36 hours. The retainer is structured in a convenient way for your team and set to guarantee full- 24/7 coverage or 12-hour/day coverage.

Daily or Hourly Fee Option

Looking for more of an “as needed” support option for your program? ECMO Advantage can make Specialists available on a PRN basis either for daily on-site visits or for hourly work via virtual meetings, electronic communications, telephone discussions, and other off-site work on related projects in coordination with your institution.

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