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ECMO eLearning Programs

The medical industry is constantly evolving at a fast pace to ensure that medical professionals are providing patients with the best care possible while using the most innovative and up-to-date technology.

There has been an increasing demand for eLearning programs across all industries as a tool to educate individuals and groups in the most efficient manner without disrupting busy work schedules.

ECMO Advantage is currently developing a much requested and needed ECMO eLearning Service that will involve multiple levels of access for the individual, as well as institution-wide options. The target date for full implementation of our eLearning training program is March 1, 2015.

eLearning is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after educational formats by industries across the country. ECMO Advantage’s interactive, web-based learning modules are individualized to meet the needs of your particular ECLS program.

Our eLearning courses provide the flexibility that a traditional classroom setting can’t, to ensure that your team’s focus remains on the important, life-saving work that it does every day.

Our self-paced programs can be taken at the convenience of the learners, to allow them to absorb the information in the way that best suits their learning capabilities. eLearning programs progress up to 50% faster than traditional courses, because they provide each participant the ability to learn the information at his or her own pace.

In the health care field, it is vital for medical teams to have the same consistent information. eLearning eliminates the possibility of different program instructors providing slightly different materials on the same subject. With ECMO Advantage’s eLearning program, you can be confident that your team members are receiving the same information.

There are many wide-ranging benefits to eLearning, including increased retention and a stronger understanding of the new information. Our eLearning program reinforces the course materials with interactive videos and quizzes that are able to be revisited or replayed should an individual require more clarity on the subject matter before advancing to the next section of training.

Our eLearning training programs can be easily managed for larger group settings as well. You will have the ability to track the progress of each employee to confirm that members of your team are completing the training.

Let ECMO Advantage’s eLearning program help your team meet your educational needs in the most cost-efficient and effective way!