ECMO Advantage Services

ECMO Advantage provides ECMO services to include ECMO Consulting, ECMO Training, ECMO Staffing, as well as other ECMO services related to the extracorporeal community.  Allow ECMO Advantage to assist your team in providing the highest level of care to your patients and their families. ECMO Advantage Specialists are Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, and Perfusionists with 5 to 25 years experience from some of the best ECMO programs in the country. This diversity gives ECMO Advantage a unique ability to provide your program with a broad perspective of extracorporeal support.

ECMO Advantage has been providing ECMO Services to the ECMO Community since 2007, longer than any other corporation specific to ECMO.  Let us put our experiences to work to provide your patients the ECMO Advantage.